A Guided Approach
Supporting You and Your Family
Separation and Divorce

Proven Productive:
By not going to Court.
With full and honest disclosure by both Parties.
With Open Communication.
With a focus on Co-operation and Respect.
With an ‘interest’ based approach to meet your Family’s needs.
Collaborative Goal:
Question: Who is best equipped to make decisions concerning your family’s needs?
Answer:You both are.
Solve your issues together . . . jointly . . . privately.
Decisions are made by the separating couple, not a judge who does not know you or your family.
A collaborative process is confidential; a court process is a matter of public record.
Collaborative Process:
With your River Valley Collaborative Law Group lawyers, you will sit down for a series of four way meetings aimed at resolving your legal problems in a respectful and cooperative manner.
The collaborative process is less expensive and takes much less time than a typical court case. The separating couple are more satisfied with a negotiated outcome than in the results of traditional legal process.

Collaborative Future:

The traditional way of approaching a relationship breakdown is adversarial.
Collaborative law is non-adversarial in nature.
The adversarial approach can be hard on families, parents, & children.
The adversarial approach can impose a large financial drain on family assets.
The collaborative process will help separating couples solve problems constructively.
The collaborative process will help separating couples move forward in your separate lives and still meet your family’s needs, now and in the future.
The legal issues that arise as a result of your relationship breakdown are the same, no matter what resolution process you adopt.